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Industry-Leading Quality and Innovation


Our commitment to excellence fuels our desire to create the most exclusive, innovative and scientifically-proven formulas in the practitioner channel. We deliver only the best, and that’s something we feel good about. The science and innovation behind our formulas is researched, developed, clinically tested and reviewed by our esteemed medical board of advisors and our chief medical officer, world renowned Dr. David Perlmutter. Our medical board of advisors is made up of industry leaders, who are experts in their respective fields. Each share in XYMOGEN’s commitment to excellence, and actively contribute their specific insights to ensure consistent growth and development within our dynamic line of nutraceuticals. Doctors, practitioners and industry experts trust and recommend our formulas for our quality and potency. Every year, a plethora of ingredients enter the market. You can rely on XYMOGEN to dedicate the time and resources to separate true science from marketing hype.

Better Products

Private Labeling

Our industry-leading quality is why healthcare professionals choose XYMOGEN’s formulas for their patients. Finding the best sources, forms, quality, quantities and combinations of ingredients is at the heart of what we do — and we won’t settle for anything less. We use unique ingredients, from premier sources around the world, that you are not likely to find anywhere else — striving to find those that are innovative, exclusive or patented and have human, clinical data to support their effectiveness. If there is a raw material or technology out there whose beneficial effects have been studied and/or patented for use in dietary supplements or functional foods, chances are you’ll find it in at least one of our formulas. For you, this comes down to reliable and reproducible results.

Educational & Networking Opportunities


With our engaging educational events, we aim to bridge the gap between science and patient results. We hold many national and international events throughout the year — such as the XYMOGEN XPERIENCE and the Metabolic Nexus, as well as numerous webinars and presentations — where renowned experts offer information on the latest trends in health care. These events are not only informative, but they also offer great networking opportunities. With us, you’ll not only get to know other doctors in your field, you’ll also get a chance to meet many industry leaders, including those on our medical board of advisors.

Private Label Program

Private Labeling

Create your own brand identity with XYMOGEN’s unparalleled private label partnership. Included in this service, our graphic designers expertly help you create a label that resonates with your market — plus doctor reference sheets, patient guides, formula brochures, web-ready digital bottle images and more. By combining our formulas and your brand, you can expand the reach of your practice and potentially generate more referrals.

World Class Manufacturing

Private Labeling

Our state-of-the-art headquarters was designed from the ground up around the flow of our manufacturing operations, helping to ensure GMP compliance at every step. We strive to keep the XYMOGEN name synonymous with quality, which is why we are continually and proactively making improvements to make certain that we are up-to-date with the most current GMP standards, including equipment, procedures, and processes.

Closed-Loop System

Private Labeling

Working with one Quality Control-reviewed product at a time, we use a tri-phase blending process that we refer to as the “Closed-Loop System.” By using air-tight intermediate-bulk containers, or IBCs, we ensure that we start with a clean product and end with a clean product. Our blending process is unique because, unlike many other nutraceutical manufacturers, we employ custom-made blending totes, a Donaldson Torit dust collection system, cone mills for uniform particle distribution and a state-of-the-art gravity-feed system — ensuring the lowest potential for cross contamination per FDA guidelines and that we are adhering to our own strict standards for purity.


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