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As more people turn to integrative healthcare, we want to empower practitioners like you with all the tools necessary to grow your business while you focus on elevating the wellness of your patients. When you recommend high-quality XYMOGEN professional formulas, you will experience the difference our partnership brings to your practice.
We share the goal of promoting wellness with you
It’s no secret that healthcare practitioners are suffering from burnout at alarming rates. The stress of providing optimal patient care, growing a business, and seeking self-care can take a toll. At XYMOGEN, we care about helping you support your patients and yourself. Your functional medical consultant is available to help you, our medical team is ready to answer questions, and our doctor reference sheets are easily accessible. Choosing XYMOGEN natural health products can also help support your patient protocols. Our professional-grade are carefully constructed by a multidisciplinary team to be safe and efficacious, and they are manufactured in a world-class facility in Orlando, Florida. This means natural products that you can trust for your patients.
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Expand your knowledge
As practitioners dedicated to patient care, you know there is always more to learn about the benefits of natural health products. As a XYMOGEN prescribing practitioner, you will have access to:
  • Opportunities to participate in exclusive networking events
  • Access to our medical staff for guidance, plus clinical insight and doctor reference materials to deepen your understanding of XYMOGEN formulas and ingredients
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A partnership that supports your patients, your practice, and yourself
When you begin your partnership with XYMOGEN you establish a connection that opens the world of high-quality XYMOGEN formulas to your patients. You also gain access to education events, exclusive networking opportunities, and business tools that help grow your practice.
Private Label for your business
Private Labeling is available for XYMOGEN formulas. The experienced Private Label design team works directly with practitioners to help customize labels that reflect established brands and practices.
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Exclusive formulas. Exclusive services. Exclusive for you.

We are passionate about helping you achieve your best possible health